"Play it safe: We detect scenarios with AI."

Algorithm Development

Discover the undiscovered – for maximum safety

Vehicles are being transformed into data centers on wheels. With the help of long term expertise b-plus automotive discovers the undiscovered in driving situations. In order for humans and machines to roam as safely as possible we develop intelligent algorithms and functions from a vast amount of gathered data.

  • Object detection: Is that a human or a road sign at the roadside?
  • Object tracking: Where is the animal going to cross the road?
  • Anomaly detection: Is there suspicious activity like malfunction or manipulation in the communication networks?
  • Scenario detection: During the evaluation of a one-day test drive how can I find one specific data sequence of overtaking another car?

Object detection

e.g. with Convolutional Neural Networks CNN

Object tracking

e.g. with Kalman-Filter & Recurrent Neural Networks

Anomaly detection

e.g. Auto-Encoder/Variational Auto Encoder


Classic algorithms Development and procedures

Scenario detection

Detection of selected scenarios in the automotive environment

Generating added value from data

New automated driving functions as well as a multitude of sensors are contributing to the fact that the amount of data in vehicles is rapidly rising. With Data Driven Development we are combining different sensor data streams from various driving scenarios. This way we can gain new perspectives and are able to generate well-rounded utilizable added value.

Detecting scenarios and anomalies

Classic validation and analysis methods are limited by the rising amounts of data collected from current sensor technology in vehicles. We are now developing connected systems which were closed to this point. As a result, we detect driving scenarios from the flow of measured data and simplify the validation of automated, semi and fully autonomous systems. Furthermore, we inspect anomalies in networks to detect issues or suspicious findings that will support an increase of safety. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, software, facilitated by neural networks, learns how to detect and react. In addition, we maximize the reliability of results through detailed training and test stages.


Inventing new mobility today that everybody is going to use tomorrow

b-plus automotive is a technology innovator, pioneer and networker. We develop novel ideas for new mobility everybody will use tomorrow. We improve and invent new functions for automated and autonomous vehicles in collaboration with our clients and leading institutes. We create, develop and implement procedures and methods to invest in the future – for us, our customers and society. Our focus is on applied methods of AI, automated driving and anomaly detection in vehicle networks.

Latest examples of our research:

  • Detection of driving functions at construction sites
  • Safety concepts with highly automated driving


Core competence algorithms

We adopt the complete project planning and implementation for measurement technology in vehicles with creativity, frontier spirit and over 10 years of application and product experience. The emphasis is on tools for data acquisition, data analysis and the data transport in vehicles with the b-plus GmbH hardware. Our goals are:

  • to shorten the development of technologies and software
  • to implement sustainable unique selling propositions for our customers.

When integrating algorithms into an ECU we focus on automated driving functions as well as cooperating closely with our team at Automotive Software.

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