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Automotive Software

We create, we develop, we implement.

Where is the trend for the development of important technologies and standards going? Who is going to stick by your side until serial production and not leave you alone with your vision? You as manufacturers and subcontractors need to count on a strong partner when developing software for ECUs.

Trust b-plus automotive with our 19 years of profound technology experience in AUTOSAR, QNX and Linux. We create, develop, implement and inherit the responsibility for your whole development process of your project. From the first idea to serial production. Our portfolio covers your entire requirements.

ECUs safely brought into series production
Years of expertise in safety software
Years of expertise in AUTOSAR architecture

Software development for networking and controlling of new vehicle systems

Our teams of experts also bring your projects safely to their destination. Whether AUTOSAR, QNX, Linux or other operating systems.

  • AUTOSAR-based microcontroller software
  • Linux or QNX based HighEnd SoCs

Fields of application:

  • AD/ADAS sensor technology (radar, camera, lidar)

  • Telematics and Connectivity units (EmergencyCall, SOTA/FOTA)

  • E-mobility (high voltage DC/DC converter)

Be inspired by our courage for innovations, for new mobility one human to another. Entrust our engineers with the overall responsibility over big tasks. Because we implement your project with our own solutions and the safety of 200 man-years of experience of the whole b-plus group.

Speed up your development cycles, increase your software quality from test to serial production and ensure your future technologies and yourself the pole position with b-plus automotive.

Project management

Requirements & system engineering

Architectural design

Software engineering

Testing & test management

Defining standards in AUTOSAR

One thing is for sure: b-plus GmbH has been working very successfully in automotive software projects since 2001. Starting in 2018, b-plus automotive GmbH is officially an AUTOSAR development partner. The active participation in the development partnership allows to directly contribute to the standard of tomorrow. The know-how gained in this way is continuously incorporated into current and new customer projects.


What do you gain from us?

State of the art technologies and methods: Safe innovations for standard and future based ECU development. Cutting right to the chase without any delays.

Let us show you how b-plus can help

  • Get your expert knowledge for your e-mobility and new mobility project!
  • Transfer your knowledge into the area of automotive, speak to the appropriate person right now.
  • Ensure yourself engineering support for your software project.

We are looking forward to giving you independent and solution-based advice.

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