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From the sensor to the cloud and back

The CONiX Platform is all about data. In order to develop driving systems, it is essential to be able to collect and evaluate data. Only in this way can functions and systems be developed efficiently and purposefully and validated with the highest quality standards. However, a great deal of know-how is required to obtain this data. We have this know-how along the entire chain:

Data collect

It all starts with collecting the data. But it's not just about data from ADAS/AD algorithms, but also sensor data, network data and raw data. Our software Building Blocks support you in setting up your ECUs, ensure that raw data from ECUs is routed out correctly and enrich these data streams directly with operating system data.

System connect

The collected data must now be viewed in the overall network and, above all, made usable. Networking the overall system and looking at the interaction of all components are key to being able to interpret data correctly in the further course. Our Building Blocks provide a networked system to easily transmit this overall data, connect your systems to the external world and provide information about system performance. This also includes the live transmission of selected data to a (cloud) backend.

Cloud evaluate

After the data transfer, the test data is ready for further use. The presentation and preparation of the data is a major step in getting the further development of your systems off the ground. Our Building Blocks enable suitable storage of the data, provide a clear presentation of data and algorithm indicators, and enable easy evaluation of this information in the cloud.

Ensures evaluation, use and forwarding of relevant information (bites) in complex, long BUS data strings.

The Gateway Emulator ensures proper simulation of the important network data in replay and simulation systems such as Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Measurement Data Services Interface for highly efficient data extraction from a control unit to a recorder unit.

Operating System Observer, which provides access to operating system (OS) data.

The agent is a framework that enables bidirectional communication in the system. When using the agent, (meta)data from all sources in the system can be transmitted live to a backend. In addition, data packets can be transmitted to the system for updates and configurations, for example, and executed and monitored at the correct location.

The Driver Dashboard is an interface that can be integrated on any monitor in the vehicle. In conjunction with the Building Block Agent, system data can be displayed in a configurable manner. Signals and notifications when threshold values are reached reduce the risk of system failure. Furthermore, commands and signals can be transmitted to the agent via the Driver Dashboard, which provide additional enrichment of the system data with metadata.

GiraBITE is a tool for flashing and updating device software on control devices. The download processes used can be customized by the user, if not already supported, or the tool can be integrated into a preconfigured customer download process.

An embedded bootloader that impresses with its modular design and security features. It consists of three components, the bootloader itself, the UNIBootmanager and UNIup, for updating the bootloader.

The XCP Master provides a reliable activation of debug data not via UDS but XCP format. The XCP master stack is built as a Windows/Linux library that communicates with ECUs in the ASAM XCP_1.5 standard. Ethernet is used as the transport layer. The library handles the connection process and supports download, upload, calibration, programming and DAQ functions. The library supports error handling as defined in the ASAM specification.

Campaign management increases the efficiency of your test drives. In combination with our agent, test drives can be planned in a targeted manner and the degree of target achievement of the campaigns can be tracked live. Unnecessary test drives and irrelevant drive scenes are significantly reduced.

Data Sink is a robust framework that provides secure storage as well as filtering and searchability of system, network & metadata. The integrated, standardized algo interface makes it easy to run algorithms on the data for evaluation.

The Iris Boards are the equivalent of the Driver Dashboard in a connected cloud environment. They also enable a dynamic, configurable live display of transmitted data and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Function improve

Based on the insights of the data evaluation, the improvement of functions forms the conclusion of the data chain. Our Building Blocks help you to realize this well-founded evaluation. With flexible, configurable interfaces, data, performance indicators and key figures are clearly presented. Exporting all data into a uniform format also simplifies their further use. In this way, decisions and findings for further development can be derived in the best possible way. The process chain can now be repeated to capture and analyze further developed functions.

System test

In the system test area, the data is now prepared and further processed for test and validation purposes. Building Blocks specially developed for hardware-in-the-loop systems ensure time-synchronous playback of the raw data and simulation of the important network data of the ECUs. Infinitely scalable in terms of data volume and degree of automation, the Building Blocks also ensure easy integration into specific workflows and intuitive handling of HIL/SIL systems.

Cloud connect

To ensure that the collected data from the cloud can be further used for testing and validation purposes, we have developed Building Blocks that enable an automated, reliable download of the data.

The Farm Manager sends jobs to a HiL system. This can be a playback or simulation of driving scenes, but also an update of the connected devices.

The Farm Client receives the Farm Manager's commands and ensures that they are properly executed on the individual components.

The MDF Component ensures time synchronization in the network and simulation of the data on the correct components in the HiL system. The Building Block recognizes the various sources in the overall data string and the time stamps they contain.

The HiL Player plays a central role in complex HiL systems. It controls the playback of recordings, receives the signals and forwards the correct data to the control unit.

The Database connector provides an automated download of data from a database into a system.

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