Vibrant quality à la b-plus automotive

New mobility should be allowed to grow. It shouldn’t be rushed.

We develop, we implement, we shape!

b-plus automotive embodies German mid-tier business with start-up energy, having 20 years of excellent embedded expert knowledge.

We are pioneers, technology instigators and engineering partners for the development, test and validation of ECU’s and advanced driver assistance systems. We represent progress and pure innovative power, we love short distances and self-produced technologies.

We engineer with our own tools and systems, while using our own know-how

As a subsidiary of the b-plus group our customers profit from more than 200 man-years of expert knowledge in the areas of hard- and software development, the b-plus eco-System and confident expertise in processes. From research to series development, integration, testing and safety to serial production. From automated driving to autonomous vehicle.

Creative ideas for mobility should be allowed to grow – they shouldn’t be forced to rush.

We encourage our employees to trial and error; we motivate them to experiment and to perfect. Our strengths are experience and tranquillity, with said power we achieve exceptional solutions for new mobility and create significant standards in our industry.

Pole Position with b-plus automotive.

Our promise: Manufacturers and Tiers shorten their development cycles, maximize product quality and convey their future technologies safely into pole position, all of it with b-plus automotive.

Together we will get your project on the road

With b-plus OEMs and Tiers ensure themselves a wide spectrum of sector knowledge, deep embedded know how and confident expertise in processes. All of that strengthens their own capacities, shortens development times and conveys technologies safely into serial production and on the road.

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