CONiX Solutions

From sensor to the cloud

The concept behind our CONiX Platform

The CONIX Platform is all about data. In order to develop driving systems, it is essential to be able to collect and evaluate data. Only in this way is it possible to develop functions and systems efficiently and purposefully and to validate them with the highest quality standards. However, a huge amount of know-how is required to obtain this data. We have this know-how along the entire chain.

CONiX Building Blocks

The CONiX Building Blocks are existing and reusable software components. They can be used individually or in combination with other building blocks for a wide variety of solutions. With their help, development phases are significantly shortened, since the know-how gained from past projects flows continuously into their further development.

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CONiX Solutions

For the optimal customer solution, we combine our engineering know-how and project competence with our elaborated Building Blocks. This results in the CONiX Solutions, which represent the cross-industry application of our range of services.

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  • Modifiable-off-the-shelf (MOTS) components
  • Agile solutions for any customer environment
  • Time and cost savings through modular design
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Cross-industry solution approaches
  • Design and implementation from a single source
  • Years of experience of our employees

  • Classic Sensor ECU Entwicklung
  • Validation & Verification
  • Connectivity & Cloud
  • Data Analytics & Applied Machine Learning
  • Agent
  • ARXML/Fibex Parcing
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Sink
  • DB Connector
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Farm Client
  • Farm Manager
  • Gateway Emulator
  • GiraBITE
  • HiL Player
  • Iris Boards
  • MDF Lib
  • MDF4 Expert
  • MDS & OSO
  • UDS Kernel
  • UNIBoot
  • XCP Master


    Together we will get your project on the road

    With b-plus OEMs and Tiers ensure themselves a wide spectrum of sector knowledge, deep embedded know how and confident expertise in processes. All of that strengthens their own capacities, shortens development times and conveys technologies safely into serial production and on the road.

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