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Your path to safe vehicle systems

In recent times driving responsibility has shifted from driver to vehicle. There is an increase in complex processes and technical demand. The safety of functions gains has become more complex. Being a sensor and vehicle manufacturer means increased management of growing test fleets and evaluation of countless test drives. Your effort for vehicle administration and maintenance is going to grow exponentially. At the same time data collection for algorithm development should be available quickly, completely and of the highest quality so new insights can be acquired with the help of simulation methods.

Operate test fleets, mobile machines and data economically

With our economic complete solution for test fleet and test data management we are helping you to:

  • Optimize the quality of data and increase efficiency in all procedures
  • Automate the data flow from vehicle body to sensors during the test drive
  • Ensure live monitoring of the built-in measurement equipment
  • Increase software update speed
  • Decrease efforts and expenses


Manage petabytes of data efficiently

With our cloud-based fleet and data management system for test drives and data we meet the industry’s demand for a solution that is in conformity with the market:


Keep a close view over driven test kilometers and your stage of protection.

Remote maintenance

Recognize and analyze emerging issues in the test vehicle earlier than previously possible and react live to these circumstances.

Location-independent updates

Keep software states of measurement technology and ECUs up to date – regardless of the vehicle’s location.

Data enrichment

Enrich your data with structured notes during the test drive – and find them neatly processed again later.

Reduce sources of errors

We have a holistic view on development and are keeping data and processes simple and straightforward. To create, develop and implement a complete solution that is in conformity with the market and is able to reduce sources of errors we are separating ourselves from old traditions and are redefining data management.

Let us show you how b-plus can help

  • Your call for action?
  • Decrease test efforts, make processes easier.
  • Gain a new perspective in validation.
  • Ensure traceability of the whole test procedure.

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