The DATA SUSHI Lessons

b-plus is host of the digital in-house exhibition “The Data Sushi Lessons”

The Raw like sushi. How to handle automotive SENSOR RAW DATA and refine it into a SPECIALITY

With the division of the group into the areas of development tools, automotive software and mobile automation, b-plus GmbH gains strength and agility. The technological and market orientation succeeds in further sharpening the focus and using it to the advantage of the entire group.

From February 09 to 10, 2021, b-plus will be hosting the Data Sushi Lessons and provide you with webinars that examine the exquisite building blocks for the development of autonomous driving and ADAS functionality. Just like with sushi, the individual ingredients and processing of measurement data have an enormous impact on the final product quality.

Prepare your virtual chopsticks: Although we do not work with raw fish, we do work with raw sensor data and refine it into a specialty. You will get a deep insight on how raw sensor data is captured, stored, processed, replayed and simulated to valid and significant test data. In addition to processing, we also address the upstream and downstream process steps of raw data management: What is a robust fishing boat for catching and storing sushi, is the precise setup of test vehicles and modern fleet management for automotive raw data.

With our partners Bertrandt, Deutronic, IBM, Incenda AI and Zukunft Mobility (ZF), we present a holistic picture in the toolchain as well as specific solutions to insights and coherences behind the scenes for your ECU development. You’ll learn:

  • Why data collection of Raw and Meta data combined is significant
  • The challenges and pitfalls in developing an overall solution for test assemblys of ADAS/AD test carriers regarding subsystems as HMI, power supply and cooling
  • How test fleet efficiency vastly increases through the use of meta data
  • The important role of the high voltage converter in the vehicle electrical system and its provided data of the power supply
  • HiL-based validation of automotive radar ECUs with specific test system architectures
  • How high-performance Ethernet switching technology enhances the ADAS/AD development toolchain
  • Advantages of a consistent HiL strategy and the differences of open and closed loops
  • Big Data management and how to keep it scalable, flexible, but also cost optimized
  • What data enrichment and smart recording enhance based on AI methods
  • How the pre-selection of quality data improves the efficiency of data sets already during the recording by using AI algorithms

In concise and informative presentations, that are easy to digest and that you won’t get enough of, you’ll experience all about new mobility, the latest technologies and learnings for automotive development. After each presentation there is the chance to pose your questions in a Q&A, discuss with the speaker in the virtual area and get in touch with our product experts in one-to-one sessions.

Learn more about the conference program, the speakers and safe your free ticket now by following the link to our event page. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Data Sushi Lessons 2021 at b-plus.