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True to the motto "from the sensor to the cloud", our embedded software components provide more transparency in data recording, evaluation and error analysis.They can be used to detect and correct the causes of errors in order to prevent data failures. By using them, organizational efforts from lost data, wrong recordings and complex troubleshooting can be minimized.

Our customers benefit from our direct project and technology comprehensive use of standardized software architectures. This enables us to guarantee a fast adaptation of our components to various ECUs and systems.

MDS (Measurement Data Service)

This building block is specially designed for the use in the software framework in ECUs with high data volume. It ensures a time-true output of information from a control unit. With MDS the data of a test drive can be sent highly efficiently to a recorder unit via a defined C/C++ interface. In the process, data packages are generated which are tagged with specific IDs and markers to facilitate subsequent evaluation of the data. By the application of the used markers even lost data packages can be identified immediately and the place of loss can be located.



  • cycle- and/or time-based streaming of data
  • Ensuring the correct data transfer to the own API
  • Automatic generation of signal description files for every software version
  • End-to-end monitoring of the signal path between source and recording
  • CRC secured protocol
  • Multicore multi-process capability
  • Data protection through checksums
  • Customer-specific configuration options through custom headers
  • Supported interfaces: HSSL, PCI Express, Ethernet, LVDS

OSO (Operating System Observer)

OSO is the active component to MDS and allows direct access to the operating system data of ECUs. This allows the ECU operating system status to be monitored and recorded. The collected status data is standardized and forwarded to MDS and thus extracted from the control unit. This data can be visualized live on a PC or stored directly in the recording memory. Accordingly, the simple connection to OS interfaces allows to obtain distilled information about runtime, workload and misconfiguration as well as to reduce the development time.


The right solutions for every system

Our embedded software components can be integrated quickly and easily into different operating systems and their specific variants.

available for:

  • QNX
  • Linux

Partnership with a view

Establishing common standards in ECU development: this is the goal of the AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) development partnership.

Since 2018, we have also been part of this alliance. The active participation in the AUTOSAR Adaptive in the Diagnostics feature team enables us to directly define the standard of tomorrow. The know-how gained in this process is continuously incorporated into current and new customer projects.

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State of the art technologies and methods: Safe innovations for standard and future based ECU development. Cutting right to the chase without any delays.

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