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In which direction are the most important technologies and standards in the automotive industry evolving?

As pioneers of new mobility, we follow current trends and research future technologies. Let yourself be inspired by our courage to innovate, for new mobility by people for people. Entrust our engineers with the overall responsibility for major tasks and challenges.

Because we realize your project with our own solutions and with the reinsurance of more than 500 man-years of software experience in the entire b-plus group.


V-Model, Agile Software Development and Scrum Teams

We design, develop, realize and take responsibility for the entire development process of your project. From the initial idea to series production.

As an automotive manufacturer and supplier, you can rely on a strong partner for software development on and in the ECU to secure the pole position for your future technologies with b-plus automotive.

Our range of services

Project Management

Requirements & System Engineering

Architectur Design

Software Engineering

Testing & Test Management



Classic Sensor ECU Entwicklung

Whether with Classic/Adaptive AUTOSAR, QNX, Linux, Greenhills INTEGRITY or other operating systems - our teams of experts will bring your projects safely to the finishing line. We realize your ideas from concept, development and validation to production readiness.
According to V-model, ASPICE or AGILE - our project managers support you as a competent partner. In addition we are very familiar with the working methods of all German and numerous European OEMs and can therefore plan, control and implement projects quickly and reliably.

  • AUTOSAR based ECU development
    • ADAS Control Units
    • Telematics Control Units
    • Gateways
    • Engine control units
  • HCP development under different OS
    • Adaptive AUTOSAR
    • Linux
    • QNX
    • Green Hills INTEGRITY
  • Technical partial and overall project management
  • Development according to V-model or Agile methods
  • Maturity degree model ASPICE 3.1
  • System engineering for embedded SW and HW
  • Functional safety according to ISO-26262
  • Qualification according to iSAQB
  • AUTOSAR-based architecture (classic and adaptive)
    • Configuration and integration of BSW components
    • CDD implementation and integration
  • POSIX based architecture (Linux, QNX)
  • SoC concepts (AURIX, Xilinx Zynq, TI TDA2x)
  • Interprocess communication (IPC, INC, ...)
  • Vehicle bus communication (CAN, ETH, Flexray)
  • Embedded C
  • C++
  • Misra compliant coding
  • Various script languages (Python, Ruby, CAPL, ...)
  • Driver development (QNX, Linux, AUTOSAR, INTEGRITY, ...)
  • Bootloader, Bootmanager, Hypervisor
  • Diagnostics and error handling
  • Measurement technology
  • ADTF
  • APIS IQ-Software
  • Atlassian-Toolchain
  • CANape
  • CANoe
  • Debugger (Lauterbach, iSystems)
  • Different Compilers (Green Hills, Tasking, ... )
  • Doxygen
  • EB Tresos
  • Eclipse
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Git, SVN, IMS
  • Jenkins (CI/CD)
  • Polarion ALM
  • Reqtify
  • Rhapsody
  • Vector DaVinci
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Wireshark
  • Connectivity & Cloud

    In the area of cloud platforms, we are working with all common cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and use their managed services and infrastructure. We adapt the common services and thereby bring our infrastructure quickly into a productive and stable state. To be able to run on-premise and outside of a cloud provider, we rely on self-contained container technologies like Docker. All web-based protocols like http, MQTT, websockets etc. are supported and addressed by the programming languages Python, Ruby and Java. In this way, we achieve results quickly, safely and efficiently.

  • Configuration management of the installed components in the vehicle
  • Campaign management
    • Test vehicle cover
    • Define goals and evaluate degree of fulfillment
  • Internal ticket system applicable to all domain objects
  • Execution of tasks and jobs
    • Target and time-bound execution of tasks on the connected devices
    • Selfcontained Packages
  • Automated updates of the in-vehicle software
  • Data analytic backend
  • Cloudbased systems
  • AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, ...
  • Managed services (Databases, Filestorage, Message Broker, ...)
  • Selfcontained deployment (CI/CD Jenkins, ...)
  • Container technologies
  • Virtualized server
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Web technologies
  • Client side Javascript
  • RESTfull WebApplications
  • various database technologies
  • http / MQTT / ZMP
  • Distributed systems (microservices)
  • Common security standards
  • High availability standards
  • Data integrity
  • Atlassian Toolchain
  • AWS Services
  • Containertechnologies: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • ELC Stack
  • Git
  • Javaskript: Angular, React, Vue
  • Jenkins
  • Kibana Dashboards
  • MVC Frameworks
  • Messagequeues: Kafka, Firehose, ...
  • Relational/document-based databases
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Web technologies-/ protocols: http / MQTT / ZMQ
  • Data Analytics & Applied Machine Learning

    We offer solutions for data-centric problems. This includes exploratory data analysis with statistical methods and machine learning, individual algorithm development (e.g. image processing, GPGPU) on various platforms (cloud, recording software, ROS), as well as design and development of data platforms/infrastructure for IoT and telematics applications.

  • KPI definition, -analysis, anomaliedetektion (e.g. ADAS metadata, busdata)
  • Image processing (Object recognition, position determination, track recognition, ...)
  • GPGPU based simulation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • IoT / Telematics
    • Client-server connection (e.g. via MQTT)
    • Database achitecture
    • Data analysis
  • Data visualization/reporting
  • Implementation of AI projects in different environments, e.g. cloud (AWS/Azure), measurement software (ADTF, MTS, AVETO), ROS
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Data cleaning, normalization, versioning and backup
  • Consulting and implementation of data architecture, -infrastructure
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Individualized algorithm development
  • GPGPU programming (e.g. OpenCV, CNNs, Optical Flow)
  • Machine learning
    • Clustering
    • Classification
    • Dimension reduction
    • Anomaly detection
    • Time series analysis
    • Deep learning
  • Data visualization/report generation
  • AWS, Azure
  • CUDA, OpenCL
  • Hadoop, Spark
  • scikit-learn
  • OpenCV
  • OpenVX
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • ROS
  • TensorFlow/Keras
  • Validation & Verification

    We assume complete responsibility from unit testing to integration testing with the debugger, all the way to software system testing.
    In addition, setting up an automated CI/CD toolchain or configuring your complete HiL systems is one of our core competencies.
    Our test plan, test specification and test report according to ASPICE guidelines form the basis for your release.

  • Continuous integration and automation
  • ECU-based test and validation
  • Conception, setup and operation of test systems for ECU protection
  • Test plan creation for HiL systems
  • Creation and execution of test cases for validation in Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Flash tests, ADAS signal mapping tests
  • COM tests
  • Verification of time synchronization
  • Performance tests
  • Diagnosis tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Regression tests
  • Generation of test plans or concepts
  • Review and evluation of existing requirements
  • Generation of test specifications
  • Software unit test
  • WhiteBox test
  • BlackBox tests
  • Software tntegration test
  • Automated test scripts for debugger
  • Create and configure CI/CD toolchains
  • Software qualification- and system tests
  • Ensuring treceability between requirement, test specification and test result
  • Configuration of HiL systems
  • Error analyses of error reports
  • Test report creation and reporting
  • Bus system validation
  • Validation of coding guidelines
  • Atlassian Toolchain
  • CANoe
  • CANtata
  • Git, SVN
  • Gtest
  • IMS
  • Jenkins
  • Pclint
  • Polarion
  • QA-C
  • Tessy
  • Trace32(CMM)
  • Vector Cast
  • Collaboration models

    For the success of your software project, we determine the perfect way to work together before we even start. You can decide whether you would like to have a single point of contact (1) or if you prefer to manage the project yourself (2).

    Depending on the type and scope of our collaboration, we have the opportunities to cooperate via service or work contracts. If you need selective support directly in your team, we can offer the form of employee leasing (3).

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